The day I became Mom

This article was written a few months after the birth of my daughter. I often
read it as a reminder, where the whole story of our parenthood started. I hope one day it will be a nice memo for her. I love you my little girl!

Sunday, I’m getting out of bed while a small being tells me with a bang in the rib that she is awake too. The first glance in the mirror surprised me, for the first time in 8 months of our coexistence my face was swollen.
After the morning coffee, the day continued in the usual Sunday routine. My husband and I decided to go to some mini-tournament, and we continued the day by visiting the crystal and gemstone fair. The pleasant stroll between stalls broke off the unpleasant BH contraction, as I was sure, it is time to go home. The straining continued, so I went to the couch the moment I walked into the apartment. Night came soon, and the little heart under my heart reminded me that she was here and that she was awake. I was watching one of those sleek romantic comedies, and although I was extremely tired during the whole pregnancy, I did not sleep at night. After the film, however, I went to sleep, but there was no time to relax because I had to go every few minutes to the toilet. And when for the 10th time I got up and went to the bathroom, and as I entered the jig was on the floor. The panic spread right away and we quickly packed the hospital bag. In the 34 weeks of pregnancy I did not even think that I should prepare it in advance.We’re going to the hospital and the adrenaline grows fast! All that time my princess reminds me she is awake. We got in the car and went to the hospital and after 5 minutes I started to felt the labors. They were painful, but bearable, and in the same time so many questions arisen in my mind. Will everything be okay? How are we going to do it? Will she be fine? Soon we got to the hospital, and when I got up I got all the fruit out of the water. My legs were wet as if I had just came out of the water. As I was lying on that uncomfortable desk, and as my doctor received my data, my heart was getting crazy. The clock showed something lather than 23:30, but I was completely lost and unconscious of everything that waited for me. After the examination, they sent me to the box and informed me that I had to give birth within 12 hours, and they sent husband at home. They teamed up with CTG and gave me a medicine for labor induction called drip, saying that it will take some time, because this was my first childbirth. The labors were stronger, but still durable. Nurse allowed me to drink a little water and let me walk for a while. Doctor came to take a look at me around 2am and with the starting 2 cm I was dilated 4cm. It all seemed terribly slow. After two hours doctor came again, this time I was dilated 6 cm. About 4.30 am drip begin to show its true face, and the pains were getting worse. After my insistence, the nurse called the doctor. This time I was dilated 9 cm, but my baby was not in the birth position. They told me to call my husband and I called him at 5.50 am. The pains became unmanageable and did not stop. Despite the strong urge to push baby out of me, doctor ordered me not to do it. The pain was completely unbearable and all I wanted is to this little baby to be born. Labor pain was extremely strong and I was calling for my husband. Nurse calmed me by saying that everything will be okay, told me about the baby and said that I am doing all this for her and just to think of her. In the next labor in the delirium I called my mom, just as I was calling her when I was sick. A couple of moments later I saw my husband, completely lost in time and space. I was happy and glad to see him, because someone of my own finally came. Soon there was a whole team of nurses and doctors present. Finally I heard the voice of the doctor saying that it’s time to go. Labor passed and another came, I felt the scalpel cutting me, and the weird sound of cutting the skin spread. Third labor passed and with it my girl’s tiny head appeared. With the next labor, she was all out, and she was screaming out of the five veils (later she will show that she is born to be loud and lets the world that she is here). Nurse put her on my chest and in complete shock, I look at her and my husband. I held this tiny little being of purple colors in the most delicate way possible, because was so badly afraid not to hurt her. In one spring morning, at 6:40 am on Monday, a loud singer, a great dancer, our daughter, came into the world. After a brief patting of the new family, nurse took her off to the incubator. They sent my husband home, took me to the corridor and left me with my minds. In complete euphoria I was again calling for who other than my mother!, this time in much, much more happier context!


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